“You’re Too Loud”

The bird was loud because she knew her chirp was beautiful; the girl was loud because she knew her words were beautiful.


The chirp was beautiful because the bird was loud; the words were beautiful because the girl was loud.



I really want to pull them all up with me-
everybody I’m leaving down here
while I ascend
don’t get me wrong –
I can’t help it, ascending;
something I’m afraid of
more than not being able
to carry everybody along
Is for my wings to snap with the weight
And drop me too.

I guess everything has its cost.


Oh, can someone please take
this blazing ochre sunset sun
that is piercing every inch of the skies
and of my eyes
can someone take that sun
and me – oh I never felt more beautiful than when
I lay cradled in that sun on my bed
can someone take that memory from my head
and paint me a picture?
not to share it for the likes and the loves
but to keep because
I can’t seem to decide
if memories last longer on paper
or in my mind.

I can only regret not taking a photograph
though I doubt it would have encompassed
all I felt
because I don’t know
if it’s true for you
but only when I stand in the light of that sun
so so far away
do I believe I can reach it.

No- it was too real – too real to be contained within pixels

No- I can’t even write a poem about it
just one about
how badly I want
to remember it.


I wonder how many poems dogs could write
Of being tied unto a leash
yet free to see the world and feed
Or of being free to roam the streets
but slave to starvation, to a human’s need

It seems unfair that only humans possess
the power to express
and a pen in hand.

For Sorrow would consume me
if I didn’t expel it out into words
I wonder what it does
to the animals and the birds.


adult-rated children
adulterated children.
adulterated children.

adulterated with fear
fear of unemployment
fear of social exclusion
fear of death

adulterated with expectation
expectation of success
expectation of identity
expectation of return on investment

adulterated with formality
adulterated with diplomacy
adulterated with

adulterated children